activist apparel

Who we are

In 1937 the United States officially started the War on Cannabis when they passed the Marijuana Tax Act and began arresting non violent Cannabis users for the first time in American history. Samuel Caldwell was one of the first Americans incarcerated under the new law.

We started this brand in Samuel's name and in the name off all those whose lives have been affected by a failed war on Cannabis. We wanted our brand to go beyond a Cannabis theme. We want to be active so we created an Activist Apparel brand for those who want to make a statement about the legalization of Cannabis and the history of prohibition.

5% of all sales are donated to charities and organizations dedicated to legalizing Cannabis nationwide and helping the victims of the war on drugs.

We are owned and operated 100% by Veterans in a small town in Missouri. It is important to us that Veterans have safe access to Cannabis and we will fight for them until they do. That's one of the main reasons we started our Cannabis clothing brand. If you are a veteran email us for a special discount code.

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